Postcard to the Park – could we re-wild Culardoch?

Dear Cairngorms National Park Authority,

I had come over Carn na Drochaide and Carn Liath – crossing the track which runs up the fairy glen it is true – to be faced with the track which runs up to and across the Bealach Dearg, high under the western face of Culardoch.  Besides the grouse, it services a scientific research station on the bealach (visible where the track bends left).   The National Park has stated it wishes to stop track development in our hills, a welcome step, but I think it needs to go one step beyond, follow the example of the National Trust for Scotland on Beinn a Bhuird and start to identify tracks that should be removed to re-wild our landscape.   The Culardoch track would be high on my list but why not ask other people what they think?

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  1. There are numerous tracks in the hills across Scotland, not just in our National Parks, which are ‘unnecessary’ ; by ‘unnecessary’ I mean that they are no longer used or the purposes they serve could be achieved without them or with a foot path. For example, how many vehicle tracks go to shooting butts which could equally well be served by a footpath from the main vehicle track? The question, then, is how to incentivise landowners to act?

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