Postcard to the Park – a new vision for the Drumochter

July 8, 2016 Nick Kempe No comments exist


Dear CNPA,


Apologies, I could not find the best card.  The track in the foreground as you will recognise is outwith your boundary but the one in the far distance is within it.   Travelling through the Drumochter though I  am not sure the boundary has made any difference: every hillside is cut like the one in the foreground with bulldozed tracks for grouse-moor management.    I know this might not matter for people whizzing by in their cars but really I think we are missing a trick.  Drumochter, the gateway to Speyside, the most popular area of the National Park.  It should be a scenic route, a place to stop off, a place to go for a wander, a place to see Hen Harrier.   Its a great place, for people in the know, to run or walk or ski tour but all the time the views are marred by tracks, ones ears accosted by the sound of traffic and ones enjoyment lessened because of the absence of anything that might eat a grouse.


Perhaps though the dualling of the A9 provides a new opportunity – just a thought but how about the National Park developing a vison  for the Drumochter as part of your new Partnership Plan?

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