Postcard to the Park – messages that might work

July 18, 2016 Nick Kempe No comments exist




I know that the LLTNPA is very pre-occupied with branding, so that every signpost has to be in your corporate colours, but I really wonder if this is the best way to get messages across?   I have been a few time to the Carrick Nature reserve and never seen any litter.  There is a bin by the entrance, which helps, but I think this small notice is more powerful than anything our National Parks have ever produced.


I am reminded of the old message – which had nothing to do with our public authorities – “take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints”.   Instead of deciding everything centrally, why not fund local communities and people who visit the National Parks to produce their own signs?   It might just be more effective.


Here’s to a litter free Scotland



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