Postcards to the Park – the destruction at the Coire Cas T-bar

July 4, 2016 Nick Kempe No comments exist
The new Coire Cas T-bar platform with spoil below. It is already being eroded away by the rain. Photo Credit Alan Brattey

Dear CNPA,


I have some sympathy with you as planning authority, about the destruction and mess at the Coire Cas T-bar because,  after Natural Retreats claimed emergency work was needed to replace the t-bar gantry before the last ski season,  Highland Council let them proceed without planning permission.  This provides an opportunity for the CNPA to say what you would have done if you had had the full range of planning powers you are requesting from the Government.  I believe the photo demonstrates the danger of allowing works to take place without proper specifications in place and no effective monitoring.  It has allowed Natural Retreats to treat Cairngorm like a building site, with material bulldozed here and there, with no overall plan and with no consideration for the environment.


I hope the National Park will now start to stand up for the environment at Cairngorm

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